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Civil / Military Training Programs for International Military Delegations

Sponsored by the United States Department of Defense

Partnerships for Peace Program:
Civil - Military Emergency Preparedness

Building Bridges Across Continents


At a time when the US is working hard to strengthen democracy and improve relations with

other countries around the world,  USA Group International and its partner the University of New Hampshire Civil Society Program provide a valuable tool to forge ties to emerging



Our Mission


The NH Program supports US Government and international efforts to build democratic processes, which increase preparedness for all forms of disaster, via a multi-national ‘network of networks’ for civil and military cooperation in emergency

planning (CMEP). 


By bringing together civilian and military emergency planners, particularly under NATO’s Partnership for Peace (PfP), the program facilitates the integration of emergency infrastructures with and among emerging democracies. The NH Program complements the US Army-led CMEP Progam, which highlights use of the Internet, E-mail, the PfP Information Management System (PIMS) and workshops to strengthen and expand

cooperative networks.


CMEP supports the Combatant Commander’s doctrine, cooperates with DOD and US agencies, and contributes to Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) studies.


Our Goals


Building upon two years of successful programs with the former Soviet Republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Georgia, and utilizing the unique attributes of the State of NH, the program seeks to impart to visiting civil protection leaders: 


• an introduction to US civil society along with an understanding of the policy framework governing emergency planning, and


• an enhanced capacity to plan, co-ordinate, and

implement emergency systems in their home

countries based on observation of US techniques

and interaction with their US counterparts.